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Electronic Switching Platform: ESP-Link™ Comprehensive Card Solution (CCS)

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ESP-LinkTM/CCS provides an integrated environment to effectively manage single or multi-institution credit card issuing and acquiring operations. CCS aids to gain complete control over all aspects of credit card operations, from defining revolving credit products and acquiring cardholders and merchants to authorizing and processing credit and payment transactions. CCS allows you to manage risk by supporting multi-level approval criteria for cardholder acceptance, offering issuers complete flexibility in targeting and acquiring new customers.


  • Manage Risk
  • Streamline Operations
  • Target Product Specific Markets
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Respond in real time to Business needs

Salient Features

  • Comprehensive reporting and real-time transaction processing
  • Interface to plastic encoding/embossing systems and secure PIN generation hardware
  • Create multiple card products, families and accounts
  • Support multiple currencies for product differentiation
  • Get instant updates to hot lists and warning bulletins for lost cards
  • Request upgrades, transaction tracing, statement explanations and on-line applications for products
  • Access on-line card production of renewals, re-issues and replacements
  • Interface external systems
  • Accommodate international debit and credit networks
  • Set up collection agencies & executive information systems

Range of Services Management


Set up and control operating policies for institutions, card families, product accounts, user fees, exchange rates and commissions, and general ledger accounts.

Support daily operations for end-of-day (EOD) posting, cycle cut-off, end-of-month, statement and reporting production processes.

Credit Control

Access credit history for approvals, card renewals. Improve risk management with on-line direct access to data for issuers and merchants.


Manage and control collection through automated steps and collection agent activities, ensuring effective and efficient tracking.

Advanced Fraud Control

CCS identifies possible fraud conditions during the EOD process for pre-defined fraud situations, enabling control of fraud risk at cardholder and merchant levels.


ESP-LinkTM/CCS provides an online, real-time interface from host banking applications, to a proprietary network via ESP-LinkTM/Transaction Management Engine (the CCS “Front End” in stand-alone installations) or via full integration with your ESP-LinkTM/FTS network, and, by extension, to local and foreign networks (Plus, Cirrus, etc.).

ESP-LinkTM/CCS also includes off-line interfaces to Visa, MasterCard, and Diners. Other off-line batch interfaces, which accommodate off-line processing and exchange information from retail banking, general ledger, and other host systems are also available.

The open systems architecture of ESP-LinkTM/CCS means that interfaces to external systems or outsourcing operations, such as international debit and credit networks, collection agencies, and executive information systems can be easily accommodated.

ESP-LinkTM/CCS solutions suite helps the institutions in meeting the new challenges of financial industry.

On-Line Interfaces

  • For authorizations, transaction processing, and administrative messages
  • Host Banking Applications
  • Proprietary Network
  • Local and International Networks

Off-Line Interfaces

  • Visa BASE II
  • MasterCard INET, SAFE, MATCH
  • Diners
  • Local Network
  • Host Banking Applications


The card management features of ESP-LinkTM/CCS Credit Card Solution handles all aspects of card issuing, including:

  • Product definition and maintenance
  • Credit application processing and acceptance
  • Interface to card embossing/encoding and PIN generation hardware
  • Plastic embossing and encoding performed to proprietary or international standards
  • Maintenance of master card, account, card-account relationships, and customer information files
  • Customer service functions
  • Card management and account/line of credit management
  • Transaction processing
  • Statement cycle processing and statement production

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