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Electronic Switching Platform: ESP-Link™ Fraud Prevention Solution (FPS)

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FPS is a fully integrated fraud management solution developed to assist financial institutions in reducing fraudulent activity in the card business. FPS enables the institution to define and manage parameters in accordance with and beyond Payment Associations requirements. Further, FPS allows the institution to Prevent, Alert and Detect (PAD) suspicious activity.

As part of our ESP-Link Suite of products, FPS seamlessly integrates with the Comprehensive Card Solutions (CCS) and the Financial Transactions Solutions (FTS). As a result, there is no impact on the overall system performance of the suite of products. FPS may also be utilized and maintained separately, as a standalone software solution.

The ESP-Link Suite FPS diagram below depicts the seamless integration with the ESP-Link Suite of products, the various delivery channels and major Payment Associations.


  • Real-time Fraud Management Solution (Prevent, Alert and Detect – PAD)
  • Significantly Reduces the Number of Fraudulent Transactions
  • Rule-based Monitoring
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology
  • In-depth Analysis (Usage and Trends)


  • Manages both issuer and acquirer transactions.
  • Controls all suspicious activity and flags all threats to the card business.
  • Processes issuer transactions, allowing the institution to decline suspicious transactions, deliver a “capture card” response code or just notify the cardholder.
  • Allows the institution to modify the rules or threshold values dynamically. Initiates Alerts which include all suspicious transaction details including card number, transaction details and a description of the threshold breached.
  • Allows business departments themselves to define, revise and assign specific real-time alerts to particular individuals or business units.
  • Offers a wide range of exception, detailed, summary, analytical and statistical reports.
  • Provides detailed reports regarding the defined parameters and thresholds within the Fraud Prevention Solution.


FPS is fully integrated with Financial Transaction Solution to prevent fraudulent transactions. The integration uses Web-services and Java Messaging Services. This approach gives two advantages: Flexibility and Performance Benefits


FPS may be installed on separate server. The server may be operated by a different support group and may be separately configured and monitored.


FPS receives the request from FTS (Switch), calculates the fraud score value and returns the score and advice to “approve/decline” transaction through the web-service. All calculations may be done on a separate server and database. FPS does not impact the performance of FTS. The calculation of the fraud score includes only database queries. All necessary database updates are completed outside of the authorization request/response.

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